buen provecho is a social impact design project that uses storytelling in print and digital spaces to increase visibility and patronage of the POC and Latinx-owned businesses associated with the Portland Mercado.

In other words, Buen Provecho is a online directory that offers a collection of unique interviews that share the stories behind the food and businesses, so the city of Portland can get to know them better and understand where their love for food comes from.


How does it work?

Scan the QR code with the ¡Buen Provecho! logo at the participating businesses in the Portland Mercado.


In Spanish, Latinx people often say “buen provecho” before they sit down to eat a meal together, similar to “bon appetit.”

This is our way of saying “we hope you enjoy your meal.”

To use this Local’s guide to the Portland Mercado, click on a business to learn about the owner’s cultural and professional background. To show how diverse the Portland Mercado truly is, we’ve visually represented the vendor’s cities of origin in the interactive map below.

Travel the stretch of Latin America

¡Buen Provecho! was designed to

Highlight the inherent value in Latin American Food

make meaningful connections between Latinxs and the rest of the portland community

increase visibility of latinx-owned businesses in portland


¡Buen Provecho! is your ticket to the flavors that feed your soul.


The team of ¡Buen Provecho! is passionate about making a difference in their community through graphic and social design.

“We work in conjunction with community partners to design solutions that are both sustainable and scalable for communities we wish to serve.”

—The ¡Buen Provecho! team

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¡Buen Provecho! is a design project by CommunicArte